Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide


How This Process Works

You need to tell eight Giftedness Stories to your partner. To do that, imagine that a video camera had been rolling when you were doing each activity, capturing you in action. Go back in your mind’s eye and narrate through that video, telling your partner what they would have seen you doing if they had been there, watching everything as it happened. Describe in as much detail as possible what you did and how you did it.

Never mind why you did it! That’s irrelevant to this exercise. For example, one of your stories may be about how you were the first person in your family to graduate from college. You may think that the reason you studied so hard was because your family was dirt poor, with the result that you always struggled with an inferiority complex and had something to prove. That may all be true! But for this exercise, all we care about is what you actually did to get through school and how you went about studying.

It’s your behaviors we’re interested in, not speculations about what “caused” those behaviors. We just want to see you in action.

When you’re finished telling your partner what happened, then describe what was satisfying to you about doing that activity. What was it that you enjoyed about it?

As you can see, this exercise may be a little different than anything you’ve done before. But it’s as simple and straightforward as it sounds. Just tell about what you did and how you did it, providing as much detail as you can remember.

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