Commonly Asked Questions

Questions Related to Our Process

What sort of assessment does The Giftedness Center use? >>

Telling stories seems rather subjective. Wouldn't a more objective or scientific process be better? >>

How do you know your process is accurate? >>

How is your process better than other forms of assessment, like Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, or AIMS? >>

Your process requires me to tell stories from my past. What if I can't remember anything important? >>

Telling stories sounds awfully revealing. What happens to the information I give you? How will you protect confidentiality? >>

I have a lot of painful memories in my background. Do I really have to tell stories from my past? >>

I'm seeing a therapist. How will my work with you affect or be affected by that? >>

What if someone has a learning difference or similar condition like ADD or ADHD. How will that affect your work with them? >>

I've already been through other forms of assessment (e.g., Myers-Briggs, DISC, StrengthsFinder,  AIMS, Johnson-O'Connor, Birkman, the Enneagram, etc.). Can you work with that? >>


Practical Matters

Do you place people in jobs? >>

At what age do you begin working with someone? >>

How old is too old to go through your process? >>

People obviously change over time. How long will your results be useful to me? >>

I would love for my husband to come see you, but he's completely skeptical about career guidance counselors. Is there anything I can tell him that will change his mind? >>

Can I have someone with me at the interview? >>

Can I invite someone to the feedback session? >>

I don't live in the Dallas area. Do you only meet with people in-person? >>

Your process sounds pretty involved. Can't I just take a test or something to tell me what sort of job would fit me?



Isn't giftedness about having some unusual talent or ability? >>

How does your view of giftedness compare with “gifted and talented” programs in schools?

I'm not sure I have any giftedness. What if you can't find a motivational pattern for me? >>

What if I don't like what you tell me? You say my giftedness is good, but what if I end up not liking it? >>

My faith is very important to me when it comes to the guidance I receive. Is your work faith-based, or is it purely secular? >>

Why is your process so expensive? >>