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Thank you so much again for everything, Bill. I truly have learned so much about myself as well as future career paths in which I can put this information to its best use! I will absolutely keep you posted and will forever be grateful for the insight you have given me.

I really appreciate and value the time I had with you mapping my gifts last month. I continue to feel empowered because of this greater understanding and have already reached for my MAP® on more than one occasion. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.


Thanks for giving me words to help define what matters to me and a framework to check into my life and actions and keep me on target. Completely, totally invaluable.


I left our time so encouraged about the future. I want to thank you for your direction, and I know it will guide me in the decisions I make about serving people with a passion. It was an awesome experience; I feel both humbled and energized about where it leads from here. Thank you!!


Bill affirmed what I’ve known but not been able to put words to


My time with you changed my life and helped me pursue the journey I'm on now. You helped me identify my core giftedness and were so huge in my life. Thank you!


Thank you for all that you've done for me and everyone else who participates in the MAP process. Giftedness assessment is such a blessing, and so are you! I have not stopped quoting you or thinking about what you said.


Thank you, Bill! Meeting with you most definitely changed the course of our lives, and we are so thankful that you used your giftings to help us. I'm already brainstorming ideas and possibilities.


Here's what one person said on her blog. . . 

"The unique thing about Bill’s process is he uses your life story to discover your natural giftedness, rather than a test or an inventory.  Then he works with you to harness the power of your giftedness.

All of the sudden a lot of things made sense about why I was struggling to create space for some of the priorities in my personal life. . . . The ideal conditions for motivation existed in my work environment, but not in other areas.  Now I had the insight to create them."

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Thank you for your encouragement and help in my job search. I accepted the position with ________. The more I think about it, the more excited I become. I think it will be an excellent fit.

Your seminar, the book, and our meetings had a revolutionary impact on my work life. On the one hand it was fun to reflect on past achievements, and I have to say, our first follow-up session was a true epiphany. Knowing my motivational pattern and giftedness has energized me.

From the start of this job search I have been focused. In the past, it might have taken a couple months to figure out what I was aiming for. This time, knowing the target, it was easy to do what it took to get a job that was a good fit. Thanks are not enough.

I tell everyone I know about how revolutionary and important what you do is. This past week, I had the privilege of announcing your seminar to a class I am teaching. People came up to my wife after the class and asked her if I had really changed. She could assure them that I in fact have.


I am more than happy to provide an excellent recommendation of your program! I refer to the data every now and then and feel it has enabled me to understand my strengths and gifts in a rich way.


I have really made headway with my new business and once I get my site set up I will send you the link to see they product! I am super excited and my meeting with you has been very influential. I refer back to my notes on our session often and it has been a fabulous guide. Thank you again for everything.


Here's what the Executive MBA students at The University of Texas at Arlington

are saying about their program's unique Giftedness Coaching process 

"Puts you in control of what you should do with your life."

"Incredibly interesting."

"Very complimentary to our EMBA program, especially to those of us still searching for that perfect opportunity."

"I have never gained so much out of just answering questions."

"Exceeds any tests that show a list of jobs you might like."

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Wow! This is incredible! Thank you so much for this information and the time you've given to this effort. It means so much to me.


I went through your process near the end of college, which proved to be a very formative time in my trajectory as an individual.

Completing the assessment and hearing my personal feedback, I felt that both you and the process itself had “read my book.” You knew the real me and put so many detailed characteristics of my natural behavior into words that completely resonated with the ways I had experienced them in my life for so many years up to that point. 

As a result, working with you gave me a clearer track to run on. I felt better equipped to understand how I would approach situations, work, relationships, communication, and so much more. You gave very detailed indicators to the kinds of things I would enjoy doing, as well as the things that would inevitably bog me down over time.

Needless to say, you’ve made a very impactful difference in my life. I’ve benefited in the way I approach my work and the associated tasks of each day. You helped me clarify the areas of strength in my relationships and the manner in which I gravitate towards certain interactions over others. And you pointed out areas where further discipline would be required on my part to overcome hurdles in order to arrive at attainable and worthwhile milestones in many areas.

Bottom line, I've recommended your services to numerous close friends and colleagues, and I know you’ve benefited them as you have me.


It's been four and a half or five years since we met. But I listened to the recording of the feedback session recently and became inspired by your advice. One of these days I need to come back! I am truly thankful for the time I spent with you.


Meeting with you today was a gift!


The report arrived and has been a lot of fun. I must say, though, your feedback was even more powerful and made quite an impact. I already started making several positive changes even before the report arrived.


Just wanted to say thank you for the feedback and wisdom. It's very helpful.


I wanted to tell you my job news! I just accepted a job as VP of marketing and communications for _____.  I'm very excited about it, because this position seems to offer a lot of the elements that we talked about.  I do feel anxious about some parts of the fit, but I THINK it will be doable.  I'm clearer on all that now—thanks to you guys . And I hope I'm making the right move. Anyway, I just wanted you to know!


 I interviewed for a very lucrative position recently. You'll be happy to know that I turned it down—and felt really good about my decision. It would have been a very poor fit for me given our conversation and the work I've done on identifying my "payoff." Not that I get my thrills by turning down high-paying jobs! i think you know what i mean. However, I do feel as if I gained some extremely valuable insight from you.


I apologize for delaying this thank-you for so long. After we met I had a relapse of the flu. But I am feeling better now, and one of the first things I wanted to do is write and say “thank you” for the incredible experience you gave me and my wife. In rereading the report and reflecting on the conversation at the feedback session, I am amazed at the fullness of what you shared. But more than that, at the encouragement, enthusiasm, and affirmation I received through you. I left with a renewed sense of confidence and hope and with an acceptance of some things I have really beat myself up over for years. You are providing a great service, and your heart for this and for people is what really makes it so meaningful.  Thank you again.

I know it will take weeks to sift through what this all means and what it portends for the future, But already it has really helped me understand why I have been spinning my wheels in this current role and some of the key issues I need to look at in the future. I will continue to be in touch as I gain more understanding and look at possibilities.


Thanks for everything! I'm excited about the future now that I am equipped with new knowledge about myself. I'll definitely keep you posted.