Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide

Your Role

Move on to the items listed in the boxes for Roles on your eight Giftedness Story Summaries. As before, compare the eight summaries to identify what roles are common in your stories.


Story 1: participant

Story 2: team member

Story 3: team member (forward)

Story 5: key contributor (wide receiver)

Story 6: team member with special assignment (marketing research)

Story 8: collaborator


What role does this storyteller seem to prefer? Clearly he wants to contribute to a team in some way. He doesn’t seem to need to lead the team, although sometimes it looks like he makes a key contribution. But the main role he gravitates toward appears to be team member.


As you and your partner identify the role that repeats and recurs in your stories, write it in the box labeled Role on your Giftedness Patterns form.


Giftedness Patterns – sample.role jpeg.jpg