Why do I need to tell my stories to anyone? Can't I just write them out?

Of course you’re welcome to write them out (see here for more on that). But in there is a powerful and undeniable benefit from telling your Giftedness Stories to another person. We can’t fully explain why that is so. We just know it is so. 

Remember that Giftedness Stories are about the best moments of your life, moments when you were really in the “zone,” doing the thing that you were born to do. By telling those stories to another person, you actually go back and re-live those moments. When another person gets to share those recollections with you, you will feel heard, seen, understood, and valued. Why deprive yourself of that experience?

Maybe the best reason for telling your stories to someone else is that it’s a lot more fun! A tiny fraction of people are able to do this process completely on their own. But the vast majority find that enrolling a partner to go through it with them makes it a lot easier and far more enjoyable, and they get a lot more out of it that way.

So if you really want to make this work, find a partner!