The Giftedness Snapshot®

The Giftedness Snapshot® involves two activities on your part:

  • A written exercise in which you tell us eight stories about activities you've done in your life that you enjoyed doing and felt you did well. We'll send you a form that gives instructions for writing your stories and provides examples for what we're looking for. Completing that form usually takes a couple of hours or so, if it's done right.

When you've completed your written exercise, you e-mail it to us. We then analyze your stories to discover a remarkably consistent pattern of behavior that is unique to you. We call that your Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®), and that pattern is the key the key to understanding how you do life. We'll send you a report that summarizes and explains your MAP®. But in order to really answer your questions, we'll get together with you for. . .

  • A feedback session in which we'll go over your MAP® and make sure you understand it and "own" it. Then we'll apply that insight to whatever your questions are—e.g., career guidance or life direction. The feedback session normally takes two hours.


The difference between the Giftedness Portrait® and the Giftedness Snapshot® has to do with depth, precision, and accuracy. Both involve the same assessment methodology, and both are reliable descriptions of how you instinctively function. But the Giftedness Portrait® provides the most comprehensive analysis aimed at pinpointing your giftedness and all of its implications. With the Snapshot®, we have less data to work with than if we were able to interview you, so our description is necessarily less detailed. Even so, the Giftedness Snapshot® has proven to be a fairly cost-effective means of finding career and life direction for many people.


To summarize, The Giftedness Snapshot® includes:

  • An Achievement Activities Expansion Form to provide us with basic information and your written expansions of eight stories of meaningful achievement.
  • Analysis of your stories using a proprietary methodology that avoids interpreter bias.
  • A 30-page Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®) report summarizing your unique pattern of motivated behavior.
  • A 2-hour feedback session to explain your MAP®, answer your questions, and help you determine your next steps going forward.
  • On-line access to your Achievement Activities Expansion Form, MAP®, and an mp3 recording of your feedback session.


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The Giftedness Snapshot® costs $1,500, payable at the time of the feedback session. Payment can be made by check (always preferred), or credit card.

If for any reason you would like to upgrade to a Giftedness Portrait® after completing the Snapshot®, your cost for the Snapshot® will be subtracted from the cost of the Portrait®.

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