Our Guarantee

All of our work comes with what amounts to a money-back guarantee. That is, if at the end of the feedback session (or coaching session) your expectations haven't been completely satisfied, we will charge you nothing. We are that confident in our process and our ability to deliver it. In order to provide that level of assurance, we ask that you follow our instructions carefully and allow us to do our work in the way we know how to do it. Note that we always reserve the right to not provide our services if we believe we cannot be helpful.

Just to be clear, there are certain things we can't guarantee:

• We can't guarantee that you will find a job, let alone the "perfect" job.

• We can't guarantee that the economy or other factors won't make it tough for your career and life.

• We can't guarantee that you'll take responsibility for making good choices and work a well considered plan for managing your life and career.

• We can't guarantee your happiness.

But we can guarantee that you'll receive the best of our energies and what we have to offer. And that we'll go out of our way in doing what we can to help you find and follow your purpose. Our process works, and we know how to deliver it. That's why we now have thousands of satisfied clients who regularly refer their family members, friends, and coworkers our way.

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