How is your process better than other forms of assessment, like Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, or AIMS?

It's important to understand that our process is categorically different from almost all other assessment tools available today. It is qualitative rather than quantitative. It does not compare you to other people or a statistical "norm" of the population. It does not label you as a "type" of person. Nor is it based on psychological theory.

What sets it apart is its ability to describe you as an individual and distinguish what sets you apart from every other person. And also its ability to consistently make accurate predictions about what will happen if you are placed in various circumstances (especially work environments).

Psychometric tools have their place. But when it comes to describing you, they are similar to looking at the stars through a set of binoculars, whereas our approach is like using a Hubble Telescope. We are able to provide far more detail, precision, and accuracy. And we think that when it comes to making major decisions about what you should do with your life, you absolutely deserve the best, most relevant information that can be generated. That's why we use the assessment process we use. It's not the cheapest or fastest approach available, but it's the best we're aware of. Even professionals who use the other tools have told us that what we're using is the state of the art.