I don't live in the Dallas area. Do you only meet with people in-person?

We work with people all over the United States, and indeed around the world. Our preference is always to meet in-person if possible, simply because we are engaging with you at such a profoundly personal level. But sometimes meeting in-person would be expensive, or simply not possible. In that case, we can work with you via e-mail, phone, or Skype.

Of the two sessions—the interview and the feedback session—if you can only make one of those sessions in-person, we recommend doing so for the feedback session. We will work with you to schedule a phone interview first, and then make arrangements for you to come to Dallas (or perhaps have us come to you) for the feedback session.

Another option that many people have found practical is to schedule the entire engagement around a long weekend in Dallas. In that case, you would arrive in Dallas on Thursday evening, and we would schedule your interview for Friday morning. Then, while you enjoy a weekend in Dallas, we would do the analysis of your interview to yield your Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®), and then meet Monday morning for your feedback session. That would allow you plenty of time to fly out that afternoon and be back home Monday evening.

Again, in cases where coming to Dallas is simply out of the question, we are more than happy to work with you via phone or Skype.