What if I don't like what you tell me? You say my giftedness is good, but what if I end up not liking it?

That almost never happens. In fact, usually the exact opposite happens: people find their giftedness almost too good to be true! It's what they've always wanted, but feared they couldn't have.

Keep in mind, however, that many people (perhaps most) have been shamed for the very thing which is their real giftedness. They bring that sense of shame to the process. So when we explain what their giftedness is all about, they may feel somewhat conflicted. They absolutely love what they're hearing, but at the same time those old messages of shame start talking in their head. Fortunately, the "good truth" about the person invariably wins out, because it's undeniable. In that way the process proves quite affirming and liberating.

Don't worry, if you have an intrinsically artistic or creative bent, we won't tell you that you should become an accountant. Likewise, if you're happily employed as a mechanical engineer, we're not going to tell you that you missed your calling as a ballet dancer.