Why is your process so expensive?

Because it is custom work. There is no computer algorithm or other template that can do the analysis we do or offer the insight we provide. Our approach is admittedly time-, labor-, and consultant-intensive. As a result, it costs more than many other approaches. We wish that weren't the case, and we're constantly seeking ways to offer our resources at low or even no cost (for example, Discovering Your Giftedness: A Step-By-Step Guide is a free giftedness appraisal exercise based on the more intensive process we use at The Giftedness Center).

But as you compare our fees to what others are charging, keep in mind that what we're offering is quite different than most others in our field. Specifically:

  • We provide a customized assessment of your giftedness using a state-of-the-art process that has no equal in specifying your uniqueness as an individual.
  • We provide more than just information. We take the time to evaluate your personal situation and help you think through life and career directions that make the most sense for you, given your needs and realities.
  • We train twenty years' worth of experience and expertise on your situation. We've pretty much seen it all in terms of the concerns, fears, problems, challenges, hopes, and aspirations that people bring to the question of what they should do with their life.
  • We spend whatever time it takes to answer your questions and arm you with what you need to pursue the path that fits you.
  • We seek to form a professional relationship with you that will be ongoing as you navigate through your career and life. After all, once we've spent all that time and energy to assess your giftedness and apply it to your situation, we end up with a vested interest in what happens to you!
  • We guarantee our work >>

Our clients have found that whatever money they have spent with us has turned out to be an extremely wise investment over the long-term, and its value has far outweighed the immediate cost. That's because going into a career that doesn't fit you almost always proves prohibitively—sometimes even catastrophically—expensive.

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