Do you place people in jobs?

No, we don't. Job placement is a very different line of work than what we do. In general, a recruiter is paid by an employer to find someone for a job. As such, their loyalty is to the employer more than it is to the job-seeker. Not that they necessarily just want to fill the job, even if it's with the wrong person. But their priority is definitely about finding qualified candidates. The issue of job-fit is less of a concern. But of course, at The Giftedness Center, job-fit is among our highest concerns.

A rare handful of consultants may offer to help individuals find a job for a fee. But that's a difficult promise to deliver. If such a person is truly working solely on your behalf, they have no more influence or advantage with employers than you do, so they can't guarantee you'll end up in a job, let alone the "right" job.

At The Giftedness Center, we're interested in helping people find work that genuinely fits them. Yes, it's got to be work that pays them enough to live on. But just taking any old job because it pays well is a sure path to misery. Indeed, many of our clients come to us precisely because they've made that mistake.

Rather than place people in jobs, we arm people with the insight and tools they need to find the "right" job for them, the job that has their name on it. We have a long list of clients who have ended up there. Many of them started out thinking, "There's no hope for me. I'll just have to settle for a boring career." But to their surprise, they discovered something quite different! They learned that it's not about "finding a job," it's about finding oneself and then marketing one's gifts to someone who really needs them.

If we happen to know an employer who is looking for someone with your particular strengths and background, we're more than happy to introduce you. But we receive no pay for doing so—either from the employer or from you.