Telling stories seems rather subjective. Wouldn't a more objective process be better?

Telling stories about activities that actually occurred in your life is actually the most objective way there is to understand your core motivation. Personality tests and psychological inventories only seem objective. In fact, they present you with a set of hypothetical questions, each with several choices that you are forced to answer (A, B, C, etc.). Answering those kinds of questions is inherently subjective because you are asked to rate yourself. But how “objective” can you really be about you? How do you “know” which answer is truly accurate to you? And what prevents you from marking a particular answer, even though you know it is not accurate to who you are?

The process we use at The Giftedness Center avoids those problems by asking you about activities that actually happened in the real world—not hypothetical situations, but real events. Nor do we ask you to appraise yourself. All you have to do is tell us what happened, according to your memory of the story.