Your process sounds pretty involved. Can't I just take a test or something to tell me what sort of job would fit me?

There are certainly places that offer such tests, but we don't. In our experience—and according to many of our clients who had already taken vocational tests and inventories before coming our way—such tests are not very reliable at predicting career success and satisfaction.

One limitation is that they don't get specific enough at detailing what makes you unique. They usually seize upon a handful of obvious characteristics and then assign you occupational titles based on the occupations of people with similar characteristics.

For example, say your test scores show you to be a fairly analytical person. What occupations do people with analytical ability often pursue? Law. Accounting. Research. Engineering. Weather forecasting. Actuarial work. Criminal investigation. Mathematics. Physics.  Astronomy. Business consulting. Pathology. Forensics. Policy formation. Air traffic control. Film critique. Just to name a few.

Do you see the problem? It's easy enough to spin out occupational titles. But how do you know which of those fields would be the best fit for you?

Another problem is that assigning you a generic occupational title is meaningless. For example, say a test told you that you should become a lawyer. That may sound fairly specific, except that there are so many different specializations within law that you could go into one of them and love it, but go into a another one and hate it. Moreover, people with legal degrees and backgrounds work in all kinds of fields that actually have little if anything to do with law—for example, accounting, government and politics, business, journalism, defense, police work, and nonprofit work.

At The Giftedness Center, we first pinpoint what your giftedness is—that is, what you were born to do, what most energizes you. Then we "reverse engineer" ideal career scenarios that match your unique design. That way you can explore options that truly engage the best of who you are. 

By that means we've helped thousands of people find and follow very satisfying careers. They will tell you that whatever time was involved in working with us at the beginning of their journey was time well spent, because it actually saved them time and trouble by avoiding bad decisions.

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