What Is Giftedness?

Giftedness is the unique way in which you function. It's the inborn core strengths and natural motivation you instinctively and consistently use to do things that you find satisfying and productive. Your giftedness is not just what you can do, but what you were born to do, enjoy doing, and do well.

While other factors such as IQ, personality, environment, and upbringing certainly play a role in shaping your life, giftedness expresses your essential personhood—what makes you you and sets you apart from everyone else. You're not just a "type" of person. You're one of a kind!

But here's the irony: it's almost impossible for you to figure out what your giftedness is on your own. Not because you're not bright or you lack insight, but because you live inside your skin. When you use your giftedness, you don't think about using it, you just use it. You don't notice that you're using it. It doesn't seem remarkable. Indeed, you wouldn't think of doing life any other way.

In order to discover your giftedness, someone from the outside has to hold up a mirror so that you can see yourself in action. That's what we do at The Giftedness Center. We show you your giftedness, and then we celebrate it, because it describes the very best of who you are!

Once we know what your giftedness is, we can help you use it to make life and career decisions that make sense for you, given who you are. The result is personal and professional success and satisfaction.


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