Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide



The next box in the Giftedness Story Summary is labeled "Abilities." Look carefully at your story. What abilities did you use in this story?

Hint: Action words (verbs) are usually the clues to the abilities you used.


• “I cleaned the old paint off the cabinet.”

• “I studied the texture of the bark and leaves.”

• “I planned out how we would get there and what we would do.”

• “I explained to the team what was going on.”

• “I reasoned that if one person could do it okay, two people could probably do it rather well.”

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Using the notes that your partner wrote down on your Giftedness Story Form, along with your own written summary (if you wrote one), work with your partner to identify the abilities you used in your story and list them in the box labeled "Abilities."


Giftedness Story Summary – sample.abilities jpeg.jpg