Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide


More examples of Abilities

Remember: Action words (verbs) are usually the clues to the abilities you used.


• “I assembled all the parts until I had it all together.”

• “I nursed my little sister back to health.”

• “I recruited a bunch of friends to help me out.”

• “I thought it over and decided on which plan would be best for our family.”

• “I planted the seeds and then watered them every other day like the manual had said.”

• "I tutored him in his arithmetic and reading skills."

• "I convinced my parents to let me buy the motorcycle, since it was my own money."

• "I observed the way the horse was walking. That's how I could tell it was hurt."

• "I spent hours sorting all those cards into categories—by teams, by player position, by stats, by favorite players, whatever."

• "I earned my own money by selling newspapers subscriptions door-to-door."

• "I designed a new template for the program, and it worked great. Saved us a ton of time!"

• "I spent a lot of time building relationships and getting to know people, so that by the end of my first year I had developed a pretty god network of contacts."