Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide



The next box on the Giftedness Story Summary is labeled "Role." Look carefully at your story. How did you relate to the other people in in this story?

When you're using our giftedness, you tend to relate to others in a certain way. We call that a “role.” In your story:

• You may have been a participant on a team.

• Or maybe you were the leader of the team.

• Or perhaps you weren’t the leader, but you played a key role on the team.

• Maybe you were the person who organized everything.

• Maybe you functioned more like a teacher, or perhaps a coach or mentor.


There are many possibilities for what role you played in your story.

Of course, it’s possible that there were no other people in your story. You just did the activity on your own. Likewise, it’s possible that even if there were other people in the story, you did your part of the story independently and functioned as an individualist.


• “We did everything together. We brainstormed ideas. We purchased the supplies. We decorated the room. We got together in my kitchen and made all the food. It was fun!” (This person might be described as as a collaborator.)

• “We had one shot to win or lose a championship game. There was no way I was going to let us lose. So I pulled the guys together and reminded them of all we’d worked to achieve. Then I looked right at Murph, who was our best shooter, and said, ‘You’re our man. We’re all behind you.’ Everyone started cheering.” (This person could be described as a team leader.)

• “I gave everyone their assignments and then checked up on them to see how they were doing.” (This person could be described as a manager or coordinator.)

• “Everybody else went out for pizza, but I stayed behind to write my story, since we had a deadline at 5:00.” (This person could be described as an individualist.)

•  “The whole school was there in the gym. The lights went down and the group started playing. I was so nervous, but when I opened my mouth to sing, I suddenly relaxed and felt confident. When I finished my song everyone started cheering.” (This person could be described as a star.)

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Using the notes that your partner wrote down on your Giftedness Story Form, along with your own written summary (if you wrote one), work with your partner to describe what role you played in your story and write that in the box labeled "Role."


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