Discovering Your Giftedness

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More examples of Roles

Remember: Roles are about how you prefer to interact with others and relate to them.

• “It was my idea in the first place. So I sold everyone else on it, and then I came up with a plan for how we could accomplish our goal.” (organizer)

• “I handed out assignments to everyone based on their capacity—or at least what I perceived their capacity too be. If they needed help, I got in there and helped them. I didn't want to end up doing everything myself, but I also didn't want anyone to feel like they were in over their head.” (manager)

• “At the end of the meeting, I was more or less nominated to go to the coach. It wasn't something I was looking forward to, but I knew I couldn't let the team down.” (representative)

• “In that game I scored a goal and had two assists. it was a great feeling to know I'd had a part in our win.” (key contributor)

• “My job was basically to run the meetings. I mean, these were bright people. They didn't require a lot of hand-holding. They just needed someone to make sure we were following Roberts Rules of Order and getting our decisions made.” (chairperson)

• "I went straight to his office and plopped a copy of the Employee's Manual on his desk. 'See,' I told him, 'it says right here that you can't make anyone stay past the end of the business day unless you've agreed on that ahead of time in writing.' He backed down after that, and the problem went away.” (enforcer, referee)

• "I recruited a bunch of my friends and we sat in my apartment brainstorming ideas and coming up with a theme. Then we all worked together to buy supplies and stuff and make the event happen.” (collaborator)

• "I took what i was learning at school and explained it to my mother. That's how she learned basic accounting.” (teacher)

• "I wrote it myself. It was my idea from start to finish, and I didm;t really need atone els to help me with it.” (individualist)

• "My role was to keep the discussion going and make sure everyone had chance to say something. That meant cutting some people off and helping others speak up.” (facilitator)