Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide

Your Subject Matter

Now move to the items listed in the boxes for Subject Matter on your eight Giftedness Story Summaries. As you did with the Abilities, compare the eight summaries to identify what subject matter you regularly work with.

Again, there may be instances when you didn’t use the exact same words to describe the Subject Matter, but it’s obvious from the stories that the same or similar subject matter is involved.


Story 1: ball, bat, glove

Story 2: hammer, nails, wood, saw, screws, screwdriver, glue, paint

Story 4: clarinet, sheet music

Story 5: lacrosse stick, face mask, ball

Story 7: wrench, tools, gasket, engine, oil, parts, benzene

Story 8: chain saw, wood/tree/limbs, electricity, gasoline, shovel, gloves, flashlight


What sorts of things does this storyteller seem to use frequently? Things he can hold in his hand, like tools, equipment, instruments, parts, and materials.


As with Abilities, if you’re not seeing similar subject matter showing up in more than two or three stories, you haven’t provided enough detail in telling your stories. In that case, go back and provide more details about what things or people you worked with in your stories. Don’t speak in generalities. Get specific. Describe exactly what you worked with or on, even if it seems obvious to you.

As you and your partner start seeing subject matter repeat and recur, list them in the box labeled Subject Matter on your Giftedness Patterns form.


Giftedness Patterns – sample.subject jpeg.jpg