Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide

Your Circumstances

Next look at the items listed in the boxes for Circumstances on your eight Giftedness Story Summaries. As you did with the Abilities and Subject Matter, compare the eight summaries to identify what circumstances are common to your stories.


Story 1: with friend, in front yard

Story 4: with ballet class, on stage, trophy

Story 5: on soccer field, outdoors, with team, coach, ribbon

Story 6: in gym, with other cheerleaders, at football game, on the field, excitement/energy

Story 7: with sorority sisters, parade, outdoors, cheers, applause, contest

Story 8: with team, goal, challenge, deadline, crisis, all night, in client boardroom, applause, award


What circumstances seem to be common for this storyteller? Clearly she gravitates toward doing things with a team or at least a partner. She also seems to end up in front of audiences or listeners quite a bit. And she wins lots of awards and trophies.


Once again, if you’re not seeing some similar circumstances showing up in more than two or three stories, you need to go back and provide more details about the conditions you were working in in your stories. Don’t assume your partner knows what it was like to be in your stories. Set the stage and get specific. As best you can describe the conditions you were operating under, even if they seem obvious to you.

As you and your partner start identifying the circumstances that repeat and recur in your stories, list them in the box labeled Circumstances on your Giftedness Patterns form.


Giftedness Patterns – sample.circumstances jpeg.jpg