Discovering Your Giftedness

A Step-By-Step Guide

Some Questions to Ask

(1) What does your pattern tell you about:

• how you learn?

• how you make decisions?

• how you relate to groups and teams?

• how you fare if you’re on your own?

• who you need around you to be effective?

• how long you’re liable to stay motivated on an activity?

• how you communicate?

• the kinds of work you should and shouldn’t do?


(2) Now that you have the “big picture” of how you function, how does that account for the successes and disappointments you’ve experienced in life?


(3) How might your pattern affect other people around you—your family, coworkers, customers, neighbors, etc.?


(4) In what situations would someone with your pattern be especially valued? Where would you likely be de-valued or misunderstood?


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For Additional Help and Information

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