What sort of assessment does The Giftedness Center use?

We use a proprietary process called The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®). SIMA® is a proprietary, qualitative approach to identifying a person's inborn core strengths and natural motivation. It is not a test or an inventory, nor does a computer tabulate the results.

The SIMA® process boils down to two phases or steps: (1) telling stories from one's history of “meaningful achievement”—that is, activities one has done in life that they enjoyed doing and gained energy from doing; and (2) an analysis of those stories to find a thoroughly unique and highly consistent pattern of motivated behavior that the person naturally and instinctively uses to do that which proves meaningful and satisfying to them. That pattern, called a Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®), is quite powerful and accurate in predicting career success and satisfaction, as well as other aspects of one's life.

Over the past fifty years, SIMA® has proven itself with hundreds of thousands of individuals and in thousands of organizations as a consistently reliable indicator of performance.

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