The Giftedness Portrait®

The Giftedness Portrait® involves two sessions:

  • An interview in which we ask you to tell us about activities you've done in your life that you enjoyed doing and felt you did well (we won't ask you to come up with those stories on the spot; we'll send you a form to prepare ahead of time). The interview will take about an hour and fifteen minutes.

We will then analyze those stories to discover a remarkably consistent pattern of behavior that is unique to you. We call that your Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®), and that pattern is the key to understanding how you do life. We'll send you a report that summarizes and explains your MAP®. But to really answer your questions, we hold. . .

  • A feedback session in which we'll go over your MAP® and make sure you understand it and "own" it. Then we'll apply that insight to whatever your questions are—e.g., career guidance or life direction. The feedback session normally takes at least two hours.

In answering your questions and applying your MAP®, we won't just hand you a list of occupational titles or any other simplistic, "canned" responses. Instead we'll present a number of customized scenarios for what your giftedness looks like in real-world settings. Those scenarios will begin to suggest options that you can begin to explore for your next steps in terms of life and career direction. Our ultimate aim is to help you create a vision for your life going forward.

A third, optional session is offered, should you desire it. In the weeks and months following your work with us, you will likely have additional questions, learn new information, and come across options that look interesting. If you'd like to discuss those matters with us in light of your giftedness, we're glad to do so at no additional cost.


To summarize, The Giftedness Portrait® includes:

  • An Interview Preparation Form to provide basic information and help you prepare for your interview.
  • An in-depth, one-on-one interview with a trained, experienced interviewer.
  • Analysis of your interview using a proprietary methodology that avoids interpreter bias.
  • A 30-page Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®) report summarizing your unique pattern of motivated behavior.
  • A 2-hour feedback session to explain your MAP®, answer your questions, and help you determine your next steps going forward.
  • A 2-page executive summary, called a Giftedness Profile®, summarizing the essence of your giftedness, best-use scenarios, and critical success factors for optimizing your career decisions.
  • On-line access to your Interview Preparation Form, MAP®, Giftedness Profile®, and mp3 recordings of your interview and feedback sessions.
  • An optional follow-up session for additional help and input (within six months of initial engagement).


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The Giftedness Portrait® costs $3,000, payable in two installments: half ($1,500) at the time of the interview, and the other half ($1,500) at the time of the feedback session. Payment can be made by check (always preferred), or credit card.

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