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Individual Career Guidance and Life Direction

For twenty years, we've been helping individuals at all ages and stages of life discover what they were born to do, and then use that insight to make life and career decisions that fit them. The key is found in harnessing the power of their giftedness. Every person has their own unique giftedness. Including you. The best way to discover it is not through a test or an inventory, but from your own life story. To that end, we offer two levels of engagement.


The Giftedness Portrait®

The Giftedness Portrait® is like having your own personal "owner's manual" that describes how you do life. It explains what you were designed to do, what you need to do your best, who you need around you to be effective, and what kinds of work and other activities will prove most rewarding. If you're trying to make critical life decisions, The Giftedness Portrait® is the tool you need.

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The Giftedness Snapshot®

Imagine flying in a plane at 30,000 feet. You can look down and make observations about what you see below—not as detailed and precise as if you landed the plane and walked around, but accurate nonetheless. The Giftedness Snapshot® provides that kind of panoramic overview of your giftedness and its implications. It's a very cost-effective way to gain insight for basic direction and perspective.

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